One of the biggest challenges the skilled trades industry faces when seeking talented workers for jobs is the public perception about these occupations. Over the past few decades, a four-year degree has been the preferred and encouraged path to success with many parents and students viewing the trades as a last resort.

In spite of the negative perceptions, there are a number of benefits to employment in skilled trades including job security, little or no student debt, on-the-job training, and competitive salary. The demand for skilled trade workers in southeast Minnesota is high, however people are not entering these occupations at rates needed to maintain the current workforce or meet the anticipated growth demand. Rochester Area Builders, along with all the skilled trades employers in southeast Minnesota, encourage educators, business leaders, young adults, and their parents to consider the trades.


Construction Manager

Rotary Drill Operator


Aircraft Mechanic

Avionics Technician


Diesel Mechanic


Computer Technician

Engineering Technician

Advanced Tractor Trailer

Solar Energy Technology

Medical Equipment Repair Technician

Pile-Driver Operator



Crane Operator

Wind Turbine Technician

Architectural Drafter

Automotive Mechanic

Mechanical Engineer

Flooring and Tile Setter


The skilled trades are a critical part of southeast Minnesota’s workforce. Take advantage of better wages, flexible schedules, and increased job satisfaction with a career that can’t be outsourced and provides a clear path to success.

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